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Shoutout to all fun-lovers under 30! Your June plans are sorted with these $30 Under 30 deals.

Friday, 10 May 2024
5 min read
Mel Sam 1427 x 795

Due for a laugh? Out of date ideas? Bestie back in town? We got you covered, with our $30 Under 30 Adelaide Cabaret Festival shows.

If you’re under 30 stop, look, and listen to this spectacular selection of shows all part of our $30 Under 30 deal. Whether you’re a live-performance fanatic or looking for a new side quest, you’re bound to find a show that tickles your fancy. We’ve done the hard part already and have linked the shows below. All you need to do is pick one. Put some faith in the universe, you, your friends, loved ones, and Hinge dates are sure to enjoy the outing.

A Slightly Isolated Dog - Jekyll & Hyde

Your chance to truly deep dive into comedic chaos. Take your most sane friend just to watch them combust in laughter.

This wild spin on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella embraces the crazy and less controlled side of life. Blending theatre, tunes, and laughs to explore the shadows that lurk in us all.

Christie Whelan Browne - Life in Plastic

Is life in plastic really that fantastic? Grab some snacks, bubbles and come join the sisterhood.

Christie Whelan Browne’s newest cabaret is like stepping into a glittery disco wonderland, where every beat is a nod to the different facets of being a woman. You know what they say, girls just wanna have fun-damental rights.

Gillian Cosgriff - Actually, Good

We like this little life. A walk around the Torrens, paired with a feel-good comedy is guaranteed to boost anyone’s mood.

An award-winning show that celebrates life’s surprising joys. Through a big book of all things that are actually good, hilarious original songs, and killer stand-up, this show will make you appreciate all the good stuff.

Isobel Marmion - BUMBLING (Work in Progress)

Ahh love, what an excitingly terrifying thing. First date, anyone?

Isobel’s love life is in shambles, the seas are rising, the bees are vanishing and she’s up and out for one more wild night. Come join Isobel for an exciting night of dancing to find out if all this is really the end of the world.  

Darby James - Little Squirt

Sit back and enjoy this hilarious musical ride about sperm donation with your funniest friend, we guarantee you’ll finish…the show.

Little Squirt is an epic musical comedy journey that’s raw, genius, and totally hilarious. This award-winning adventure explores the unchartered waters of sperm donation and the existential queer queries that accompany this choice.

Mel & Sam - The Best Of

A dirty, funny, and award-winning show that’ll leave you and your bestie wanting a wild night that lasts forever.

Mel & Sam give a new meaning to contemporary cabaret. These musical comedians offer a manic mixtape featuring proudly queer and hilariously bratty and original tracks.  

Michelle Pearson – Skinny

A musical display about self-love that all people deserve to hear.  

Shed the shapewear and prepare to be empowered through Michelle’s biting comedy, pop and power ballads. A performance that challenges the chokehold that the word “skinny” has on society and embrace who you are.

Maeve Marsden – Homage

This array of queer anthems is the perfect way to begin an evening of dance, empowerment, and fun.

The ultimate lineup of protest anthems, power ballads, and dancefloor bangers. Homage is a tribute paradise where queer musicians honor the songs that shaped them in their journey.

Featuring: Kween Kong, Mama Alto, Brendan Maclean, Malaika Mfalme, Maeve Marsden, and Victoria Falconer.

Comedians On Stage Auditioning for Musical

Get your musical theatre gang together and prepare for an ingeniously witty show full of improv and serious show-stoppers.

A bonkers evening filled with cameos, classic hits, and crash-and burns. This comedic masterpiece about the awfulness of auditioning is bound to deserve a call back.

Cassie Hamilton – A Transgender Woman on the Internet, Crying 

$25 student priced tickets is the perfect excuse to catch-up with your school or uni friends after class.

Writer/performer Cassie Hamilton sheds light and love on the power of the explosive transgender community. This hyper-pop rave war illuminates colorful discussions about love, identity, and furries in a magnificently bright, loud, and creative way.

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